What 2018 SEO Taught Us

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a relatively new technology in a sense that search engines such as Google and Bing are still very active in updating their algorithm to provide the best list of sites in search engine result page. If you have a website, of course you would want your website to be easily discoverable by your potential customers or readers, but how are you supposed to optimize your site for search engine, while the search engine itself keeps changing the method? Yes you need to keep being up-to-date and follow whatever changes they made. SEO Malaysia learned some important things in 2018.

What did we learn on 2018 about the SEO world? Here are some fun facts to recap.

  • A lot of changes, yet no one knows what it is!

Google is getting more complex, 2018 SEO updates were unparalleled regarding the frequency and complexity. Most of the time, SEO experts cannot even figure out when and what changes occured. But they realized their SEO results changed significantly and the reason was out of the usual stuff. Google has really up its game in 2018, and might continue on in 2019.

  • We are nothing but tiny speck of dusts living in Google’s world

Google determines the kind of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) that we see and we just have to deal with that fact. Although the algorithm by Google keeps making it difficult for organic search, we cannot help but notice that Google also promote direct answers in the SERP and more paid listings, hence zero click is required for users to get the answer. Sure it would be benefitting for users as they get faster answer, but what about our traffic count?

  • SEO experts hate changes

As much as these experts know how frequent search engines update their algorithm, they are also creature of habits who are easily pissed off everytime Google updates its algorithm. Let’s face it, SEO experts are human too, and human generally hate changes. The only way to cope with this is to accept that we are in a fast moving industry, and another tip is that as much as we love using schedulers, we might miss out on some critical information if some things happen out of schedule.

To conclude, SEO world is still developing, and we just have to keep our spirits high to continue innovating ways so that our websites are easily discoverable by public.